Exploring the path to growth
of the most successful tech companies.

Through interviews with early employees, we’ll dissect the black box of early growth, so you can better understand the product decisions, channel exploration, and early hires that helped kickstart the growth journey in the early days.


Sheila Vashee



Shopify with Morgan Brown

As the VP of Growth at Shopify, Morgan Brown has helped to spearhead a revolution in commerce by empowering merchants to own their business from end to end. He has also written one of the seminal books on growth and provided a framework for some of the hottest companies to power their own hypergrowth journeys.‍


Hopin with Javier Ortega Estrada

As the VP of Sales at Hopin, Javier Estrada Ortega is has taken the helm of one of the fastest growing software businesses of all time, building the team, structure, and culture for an enduring, hypergrowth business.


Miro with Zhenya Loginov

As the Chief Revenue Officer of Miro, Zhenya Loginov has spearheaded the company through years of fast growing, pulling from his learnings at Dropbox, Segment, and more.


Figma with Kyle Parrish

As the Head of Sales at Figma, Kyle Parrish is responsible for adding an enterprise layer on top of one of the strongest product led growth businesses.


Notion with Camille Ricketts

As the VP of Marketing at Notion, Camille Ricketts leverages her expertise on building communities and creating a top notch content strategy to drive growth and engagement for the product.
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