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The Hypergrowth Network gives you exclusive access to the most experienced go to market leaders in tech and custom-built tools to help you grow. And best of all, we don’t charge or take equity.

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With the Basis Set Ventures Hypergrowth Network, you’ll get the connections, help, and tools you need to grow your company.


Connect with the best technology executives across sales, support, operations, marketing, and more. Our community of leaders has done everything from building teams from the ground up to driving billions of dollars of revenue.

Sujay Jaswa

Fmr VP of Business and CFO
Sujay built and led the Dropbox business and go-to-market functions from the ground up

Giancarlo Lionetti

Chief Marketing Officer
Giancarlo ran the marketing, business operations, and growth teams at Confluent

Julie Herendeen

Chief Marketing Officer
Julie has had a distinguished career leading marketing at the worlds best companies

Darius Contractor

Head of Growth
Darius leads all growth at Airtable. Previously, he ran growth at Facebook Messenger and Dropbox

Amirah Raveneau-Bey

Fmr Head of Sales
Amirah has developed best in class Sales teams at Trulia, Nerdwallet, and Opendoor

Oliver Jay

Chief Revenue Officer
Oliver played a critical role buidling the GTM teams at Asana, through IPO

Camille Ricketts

VP Marketing
Camille's brilliant approach to content and community has driven Notion's growth

Matt Park

SVP Operations
Matt built the business and ops teams at Scale from the ground up

Leslie Emmons Burthey

VP of Marketing
Leslie is responsible for all brand, content, and growth for GoodRx

Krithika Muthukumar

Marketing Lead
As the first marketer at Stripe, Krithika launched and grew all new products

Kyle Parrish

VP Sales
As one of the first go-to-market leaders, Kyle created a sales machine to leverage product growth

Helen Min

Head of Marketing
Helen has led marketing teams at Plaid, Quora, Dropbox, and Facebook.

Zhenya Loginov

Chief Revenue Officer
Zhenya built all GTM functions at Miro from the ground up

Dan Hill

Director of Product
Dan leads all growth at Brex. He previously ran growth at Airbnb and founded a couple companies

Anne Raimondi

Chief Customer Officer
Anne has led the business and ops teams at the most distinguished companies

Julie Lee

Fmr VP of Product Marketing
As the first marketer at Rubrik, Julia built a distinguished product and brand

Kitty Oestlien

Fmr Chief Marketing Officer
Kitty built and launched Projector's go-to-market programs

Holly Chen

Fmr Head of Digital
Holly led digital growth at Slack, one of the fastest growing B2B companies



Our team of experienced company builders are excited to help you with strategy, customer development and early hiring. From getting early teams up and running to uncovering new growth channels, we’ll help you through every step.

Initial evaluation

Product-market fit 360

Customer and community development

Making early hires

Initial Evaluation

Product-market fit 360

Customer and community development

Making early hires

Initial Evaluation

Product-market fit 360

Customer and community development

Making early hires


How do I apply?

You can apply here. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, all you need is an MVP to apply. There are no fixed timelines or demo day pressure associated with the program.

Who is behind the Hypergrowth mentorship network?

The Hypergrowth network is run by Basis Set Ventures, an early stage venture firm investing in companies that transform the way people work. We’re a team of founders, builders, and technologists, and have leaders across our team and in our community that have launched and run some of the fastest growing companies in technology. Our goal is to build products and programs that democratize access to the funding and expertise typically only available to a select group of people in silicon valley.

Who can apply to be a part of the mentorship network?

Anyone can apply to the program, as long as you have a beta or MVP product. You do not need cofounders or a team, and it’s not necessary that you are incorporated yet, though you should have plans to do so in the future.

Do you take equity in my company?

Basis Set Ventures does not take equity in your company for this program, and access doesn’t cost anything for you. The Hypergrowth network is about democratizing access to mentors and customers, and gives us a chance to meet founders and builders with great ideas early, so we can help you grow.

Where do I have to be based?

Anywhere. There are no restrictions on location, and all meetings can be run virtually.

Are you an incubator or accelerator?

The Hypergrowth network is not an incubator or accelerator, the goal of the program is to democratize access to mentors and customers. We don’t take equity in your company through the program, though we might fund your company in the future. There is no fixed timeline or pressure of a demo day with this program.

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Learn more about how the best companies have scaled with Hypergrowth: the early years, a podcast that examines the path to growth of the most successful tech companies. Through interviews with early employees, we dissect the black box of early growth, so you can better understand the product decisions, channel exploration, and early hires that helped kickstart the growth journey in the early days.

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