Exploring the path to growth
of the most successful tech companies.


Miro with Zhenya Loginov

As the Chief Revenue Officer of Miro, Zhenya Loginov has spearheaded the company through years of fast growing, pulling from his learnings at Dropbox, Segment, and more.


Figma with Kyle Parrish

As the Head of Sales at Figma, Kyle Parrish is responsible for adding an enterprise layer on top of one of the strongest product led growth businesses.
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What Makes a Successful Founder?
Every venture capitalist looks for strong founders, but what makes a founder strong is open for debate. We took a data-driven approach to uncover characteristics of successful founders.

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Future Proof hosts industry leaders racing to future proof their businesses, and seize opportunities created by AI and automation.


The Multi-Billion Dollar Climate Tech Investor that Doesn’t Want Equity

The proposed $2 trillion dollar U.S. infrastructure package will create major incentives for the adoption of climate technology and offer startups many pathways to secure growth funding.


Designing the Future of Procurement in Manufacturing

A procurement leader explains how the next generation of hardware design tools will increase collaboration between engineering and procurement teams.
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Path Robotics raises $56M Series B for automated welding

At Basis Set Ventures, merging venture capital and software development yields a $165 million new fund

AI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies

Basis Set Ventures Gives Up the Office as It Raises $165 Million Fund

Dear Founders

The Persistence Brings Executive Programs, Community and an API to Impactful Women Leaders in Tech

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All That Glitters (Like Stars) Is Not Gold: Metrics that matter when commercializing open source

‘It’s So Essential’: WeChat Ban Makes U.S.-China Standoff Personal

Welcome Sheila Vashee to the investing team

Rasa raises $26M led by A16Z for its open source conversational AI platform

The Idea: Build It, and They Can Find Coronavirus Tests

Five robots that hope to save the US food supply chain

In the Pandemic Era, the New Hiring Manager Is Now a Chatbot

A Remote Work Boom Could Change Tech’s Immigration Debate

How will technology reshape the trucking industry after COVID-19?

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Nestlé Halts All Business Travel Abroad as Other Firms Curb Asia, Italy Trips

How Technology Will Help Businesses Mitigate Climate Risk

Will Your Tech Scale at Launch? Learnings from launching products at Niantic and Google

Addressing the Labor Shortage: From Farm to Factory

Real Estate’s Slow Change Leaves Opportunity for Startup Innovation

Fostering Community Outside the Office

Managing Remote Teams and Overcoming Hiring Challenges

How Data Made Capturing the Black Hole Image Possible

Reducing Risk for Main Street

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Supercharging Trade Finance with Data, AI, and Software

The most overlooked path to commercialize AI is for companies to do it themselves

Problems and Potential in Row Crop Farming

5 exciting and investable AI themes

A closer look at automation in manufacturing

Basis Set Ventures Turns One

6 Things to Consider Before Making Your First Sales Hire

Can Social Help Drive Progress in Future Work?

For Startup Founders Who Are Also Moms, It’s a Balancing Act